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Ecommerce on your Mobile

Whilst it is probably a case of the jury still being out on whether ecommerce will ever be really big on smart/mobile phones, the following article on "The RetailBulletin" website discusses where the market is right now.

I have to admit I am still at the stage where I may browse ecommerce sites on my phone, I have the Amazon app.

I still return to my PC to actually make the purchase. Why?

Bigger screen - less likely to miss any small print
Bigger screen - can see product better
Bigger screen - type in credit card info more easily.

Heres the link to the article

Ecommerce on Mobile phones

Wordpress site - released June 2010

We have released our latest Wordpress site today June 25th 2010.

We were asked to create a website for a sash window repair business which would showcase the work he undertakes and provide images and descriptions of previous commissions.

The site can be found at

All you want to know about remanufactured toner cartridges

If you've ever wished you could reduce your printing costs, take a read of this article about remanufactured toner cartridges, then decide if you want to stick with the expensive OEM option.

Truths about toners

www v non www

We've just added a Help File within our "Control Panel Help" called Canonical URLs.

This explains how to make sure your site only responds to a URL and all traffic to the domain without www ( is forwarded correctly.

Canonical URLs

May Award - Dedicated Server Directory

May award for popular hostWe were listed as one of the most popular dedicated server hosts in May 2010, in the Dedicated Server Directory.

See our listing here