24/7 Cover (Dedicated Servers)

We are now able to offer 24/7/365 Premium Support for Dedicated Servers with online backup.

This cover is offered to allow 24/7/365 reporting of server problems by phone direct to the data centre, and is for emergency support where a dedicated server is down or failing to respond.

Available 24/7, replies during office hours.

* Non critical requests made after 11:30pm and before 9am may be replied to during normal office hours.

Issues that are not service affecting may also be replied to during office hours when one of our specialists is available. If the issue involves 3rd party software this may also require us to pass this request on to their own support system and await a reply before we can answer the question but regardless of this we will keep you informed and we aim to respond to all support requests at the earliest possible opportunity.
All requests of a critical nature should be made via Support Ticket using the appropriate status level (Critical).

What is covered:

  • Any hardware malfunctions causing the server to be unavailable
  • Any pre-installed software failures that cause the server to be unavailable; these are:

Web server:

  • HTTP Services.
  • FTP Services.
  • SMTP Services.

What is not covered:

  • Any 3rd party applications.
  • Any code problems.
  • Any changes made to the server configuration made by the customer.
  • External DNS issues.
  • Problems relating to external networks.
  • Shared services (such as mail/mysql NOT on the dedicated server).

The service will ensure that data centre staff respond to all calls meeting the relevant criteria and will aim to have the issue resolved within 4 hours of the call being accepted. Should resolution not be possible within 4 hours data centre staff will liase with the customer detailing the problems and resolutions being applied and continue to work on the issues until resolved.

If the problem is found to have been caused by the customer then additional charges will be made for out of hours labour (currently £95 p/h + VAT).

Pinbrook will also provide fully managed server backups as part of this service. All new premium support customers will be invited to propose a backup schedule and file list. Backups are managed using our online backup service and are intended for service continuity by datacentre staff.

The cost for this is £75 per month, prices are per server. (Billed and payable with hosting fees in advance)

Please contact us for more information