Account Intro 1

In the main control panel you will see this type of table when you select ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT SETTINGS from the main menu.

If you are using the new Xpressia interface, you will see a menu bar similar to this:

You can select the same navigation from the new top menu:

Below is an explanation for each item once you enter into the account settings area.

This lists the name of your plan. If you wish to change the plan, you can do so by selecting the "change" icon.

The Account Manager Login identifies the main user, or master account holder assigned for control panel access. The username associated with the account is displayed here.

FTP Login signifies the username to login into your web folder with an FTP program or agent you would run at your desktop. The Web Shell program can also act as an ftp agent accessed directly through the control panel.
NOTE* For Xpressia interface users the web shell program is called File Manager

The FTP password is required to login to your web folder. You can change the password by selecting the "change" icon. Please try to keep your password a minimum of 6 characters and include both alphanumeric and numeric combinations.

Your QUOTA per plan is assigned by the administrator. You can see how much disk space (QUOTA) you are currently using and the amount allocated for the plan. You can also change, or increase the amount of disk space, should you require more.

This is the amount of bandwidth you have used and available. You can select to CHANGE or add more bandwidth by clicking the CHANGE icon. To add or request more bandwidth you must have credit on your account to accommodate the amount of the increase.

The default user group created for this account.

The home directory is where your files for you site are stored on the server. When setting up new users to FTP and access your account, you will be required to set up their accessibility RELATIVE to the HOME directory. This means that the /home/ is the root or base directory and the user you create would have the directory within the home directory. You should enter "/home/newusername/" as a new directory for a user you create for FTP accounts.

This host name is where you point your publishing or FTP editor to.

Your domain name on file for this user. The domain name in brackets is the temporary url (Unique Resource Locator) assigned by the system so you can view your account while changes in your domain name propagate through the Internet name servers system, which can take anywhere from 24-96 hours.