actinic ecommerceWe have been hosting Actinic ecommerce sites for over 10 years now (since Version 3 of the software in 1999). We are fully conversant with the setup procedures. We supply all Actinic clients with a network settings file to ensure trouble free uploading of your ecommerce store.

Technical Support

We supply technical support to help you upload your site for the first time. We offer a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee on all actinic hosting packages.

Please read our support terms to see the level of support we offer to Actinic clients who also host with us. We are very active within the Actinic Community, no client of ours goes un-noticed for long.

Site Security

We can also install an SSL certificate for you. If you have customer accounts within Actinic, some of your customers will prefer to see these pages secured by SSL.

Current banking standards dictate that taking credit card detail secured by SSL is no longer deemed sufficiently secure, not due to transmission of the data but more to do with how you store credit card detail within your office environment.

Nowadays in order to accept credit/debit cards you must prove you are PCI compliant.

Actinic has a very useful introduction to PCI-DSS on their website. It is worth stating that any small business will not find it financially viable to prove they are PCI-DSS compliant unless they use a 3rd party Payment Solution Provider. The most popular PSP's for Actinic sites include SagePay, Worldpay and Actinic payments. Paypal Website payments is another option to process credit cards on your behalf, Paypal Pro is not PCI compliant as the credit card detail is stored on your website. Proving PCI compliance has been outsourced by alot of UK banks to a company called Security Metrics. You will need to work with Security Metrics to tell them how you process payments and to get them to verify your status.

Actinic Version 10 includes Google Checkout, but you will need an SSL certificate in order to utilise it. Google checkout requires a secure link to send customer infomation (not credit/debit card detail) back to your site.

Actinic Design

Many of our designs have been integrated by Actinic Version 8 and Actinic Version 9. We won the design competition run by Actinic in 2006, the winning entry was further adapted by Actinic and is available as a theme from the Design Menu. The theme is called "Contemporary". In February 2008 - we provided the design layout concepts for 3 new Actinic V9 themes, they are available as Hotshot, Expert and Prime.

Uploading Actinic Catalog

These guidelines are written for hosting clients of Pinbrook and are specific to our server setup only.

How to create your own actinic network settings file for import:

Download the txt file from the link below, and save to disk.
Actinic Network settings

Open Notepad

1 Replace domain.ext with your own domain - be careful to leave www in place where necessary
2 Replace yourusername with your ftp username
3 Replace yourpassword with your password
4 Save the file.

Now open Actinic Catalog software, Advanced menu, Network Setup, Import, browse to the file you just saved. Import these setting and then run the test to verify.