Add a New Domain to your Account

Depending on your account type, you may be able to host multiple domain names within the same account profile (control panel). This makes it easy to manage multiple domain names and login information.

When you are in DOMAIN SETTINGS > ADD NEW DOMAIN you have the option to purchase or transfer domain names right from your control panel. Please be advised that your account must have the available credit for the purchase as well. If not, you can upload the funds to your account, or contact the office to make a payment to provide for your purchase.

You should see a screen like this in the ADD NEW DOMAIN setting.

Or to transfer a domain - use it for hosting providing you have already purchased.

Or, if you require third level domain based on our offering:

From this area you can select a new domain name purchase. If the domain name is available it will provide you the search results immediately. You plan type will govern whether you can purchase this live or have to contact the office.

Hosting Sites Without Domain Names

You can also host sites without domain names (the so-called stop-gap domains). When you create a stopgap domain, you get no DNS zone, and you cannot use e-mail service. However, you will be able to access and manage your site using the instant domain alias you get at signup.
Stopgap domains support web site management and FTP services. Also, you can have IP-only access if you get a dedicated IP.

To create a stopgap domain, just click the Submit button in the Stopgap domain registration form:

Parking External Domains

This feature allows you to use H-Sphere DNS server to map IPs to domain names serviced and hosted on other servers (not those of H-Sphere). In this case, a DNS zone is created with a custom DNS A record for the domain name and its IP is entered in the form below: