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 wordpress blogging softwareWordpress is probably the most popular blogging software, it is open source, this means it is free to use.

There are lots of plugins available to extend the capabilities of your Wordpress website, most are free, some require a notional fee. There are also hundreds if not thousands of design themes written for Wordpress - again some are free, some attract a notional fee.

You can use Wordpress as a blog to supplement your website or you can create a complete website using it.

You have several options if you want to install Wordpress on Pinbrook hosting.

1 Do a manual install - this is recommended for advanced users.

You can download wordpress here.

And get the Famous 5 Minute Installation Document.

mysqlTo install Wordpress on Pinbrook servers, you use the MySQLServer icon on your control panel to create the database and database user. When you complete the info you need to change in wp-config please note you must use the SQL server name (localhost does not work). To find out what the servername is, go to the control panel, MySQL Server icon, on the next page you will see hostname. Thats it, all the rest is just a case of following the 5 Minute Install.

2 Activate EasyApps on your control panel and install Wordpress from there. We have a tutorial to help you with this How to Install Wordpress.

3 Ask us to do it for you, there will be a small charge for this.

Many of our clients are sucessfully using Wordpress as a blogging tool to promote more interest in their ecommerce site.

We also know of a few clients who use the Paypal button feature within Wordpress to talk about new products and offer an instant way to pay.

Contact us for more information on a Wordpress hosting plan for your blog, we have an introductory hosting plan for small blogging sites, inclusive of install. Host your blog on your domain or a subdomain. Or use the signup button below.

500 mb Database
1.0gb monthly bandwidth
£50 pa (payable annually)

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