Mailing Lists

With the current economic climate keeping in touch with your exsisting customers is increasingly important. It is much easier to sell more to someone who has already bought from you than it is to find new customers.

In our view all ecommerce sites should be maintaining a list of customers who are happy to receive emails and then emailing them at least once a month.

When creating your monthly newsletter you must have something interesting to say!

Newsletters should include some of the following,

talk about the business, introduce staff memebers
introduce new products
offer time limited discount codes
run competitions
give details of events you will be attending

Remember engage with your customers and they will keep coming back.

We run a campaign for one of our ecommerce sites, we send a bulk email every 2 weeks on a Friday, often the email offers a promotion that runs until the Monday. Website visitor stats show the number of visitors on the date we send the email are doubled, sales are often trebled over the weekend.

marketing stats

So spend an hour or so devising your content and increase your sales... Easy!!