Email Alias

Mailbox Aliases with Xpressia Interface 

Mailbox aliases are alternative addresses for existing mailboxes. This means, you can use aliases to receive e-mail and the messages will arrive to the primary e-mail box.

You would normally use these if you wanted one mailbox or mailbox owner to control multiple e-mail addresses centrally through one account login or connection. i.e. John Smith may also handle the "" e-mail address.  You would setup John's e-mail box with the alias of "info" so any e-mail to "info@"  will be sent to his primary address. Another example may be in the case of being the primary e-mail address, but you would setup jSmith@, John_Smith@, JohnS@ aliases so if anyone sent an e-mail to any of these addresses, it would be received in John Smith's primary e-mail mailbox.

To Configure an e-mail alias:

1. Select the e-mail icon in the control panel

2. Select the Domain and then the NEW E-MAIL LINK:

3. Enter the e-mail alias name in the first box as if it were a new mailbox.  The select the mailbox alias checkbox.

4. Select the mailbox you wish to associate the alias with in the MAIL ALIAS area the select submit.

You should now see the alias added as though it were a new mailbox, although it will have a different "ALIAS" icon beside the name.  Once complete, test an e-mail to ensure it is working.


Creating Mailbox Domain Aliases

Like most other features, mailbox domain alias can be enabled or disabled in your hosting plan. To have it enabled, change plan or contact your hosting administrator.

You can create mailbox domain aliases for ALL your mailboxes on the primary mail domain, rather than for an individual mailbox. To enable mailbox domain aliases:

1.  Select the Domain Settings menu.
2.  On the page that appears, clickAdd to add a totally new domain alias or Edit to use your domain alias with mail service:

3. On the next page, make sure to check the New Mail Domain Alias box. Then click Submit.

4. Select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu to check whether Mail Domain Alias has been activated:

Note that on the Mail Settings page you can create mail domain aliases only based on existing domain aliases.

Removing a Mailbox Name Alias

To remove a mailbox name alias:
1. Select Mail Info in the Mail Info menu.
2. Click the Alias you need. This will open its properties on the right:

3. To delete the mailbox name alias, just click the Delete icon.

Note: To get technical assistance with this mailbox name alias, click the icon next to the Trouble Ticket field.

Removing Mailbox Domain Aliases

Important: You can remove mailbox domain aliases for ALL your mailboxes on the primary mail domain. But you cannot remove a mailbox domain alias for an individual mailbox.

To remove mailbox domain aliases for all your mailboxes on the primary mail domain, go to the E-mail resource page. In the Mail Control section choose the mail domain. The Mail Domain Aliases section will list all the current mail domain aliases for this mail domain:

Click the Delete icon next to the mail domain alias you would like to disable.