Data Centre

Physical Space and Location

• Private Data centre located in Hampshire, UK
• Data centre is approximately 8,000 square feet
• High specification secure racks 1000mm x 600mm


• 30+ CCTV cameras cover all external and internal areas
• Sensitive areas are monitored by motion detection cameras in addition to CCTV
• Access to sensitive areas is limited to key personnel
• Entrance to the server room is protected by an anti-piggyback security door
• All internal and external doors are access controlled
• All door opening and closing is monitored and tracked in real time providing a complete audit trail
• All visitors are signed in and issued with an electronic tag
• Loading bay has high security steel shutters with an airlock function to prevent open access to the server room


• The data centre is fed by an independent substation
• Power is fed to racks via a fully redundant Riello UPS system providing power at full capacity for 20 minutes
• Each rack is capable of delivering 20 Amps (4.6KW)
• A Volvo diesel generator provides power in the event of a mains outage and automatically starts within 20 seconds
• Fuel is stored on-site for 36 hours at full load and a refuelling contract is in place to top up as required

Fire Protection

• VESDA smoke detection is installed in the main server and communications room, above and below the floor
• Independent FM200 gas fire suppression systems protect the server and communications room
• Hand held carbon dioxide extinquishers are available throughout the facility to tackle small fires
• The local fire service are familiar with the facility and are briefed on how to handle an incident

Air Conditioning

• Fully redundant Denco down flow under-floor air-conditioning system (hot/cold isle configuration)
• Temperature is maintained at 21°C (+/- 2°C)
• Relative humidity regulated to 40% (+/- 5%)
• External air condensers are located within a secure steel cage within the generator compound


• Diverse fibre from NTL Telewest and BT with east, west and south entry points
• Fully meshed BGP multi-gigabit network
• High-end Cisco stacked routers and switches

Monitoring and Testing
• All security, power, fire protection and air conditioning systems