Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Pinbrook offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Shared hosting on our own servers
  • Shared hosting on a shared platform within the data centre
  • Dedicated server solutions
  • Semi-managed dedicated server solutions
  • Network transit
  • IP allocation
  • DNS/Domain registration services
  • SSL certificates issued by Comodo

Can I cancel? Your right to cancel - we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days of placing the order. You may trial our services for the same 14 days and if you are not happy with our service you can cancel your contract within the 14 days and receive a full refund. After the initial 14 day period, your notice period equates to your payment frequency.

What happens if I exceed my plan allowances? We operate pay as you go bandwidth. You are free to use as much bandwidth as you require, if you need extra bandwidth we automatically provide it, we simply charge for excess bandwidth at a rate of £10.00 per gb per month (you will receive an email when you approach the limit, it is beneficial to upgrade once you start to regularly exceed your plan limit).

How long after I signup will I have to wait to use my account? During normal working hours, new accounts are created immediately after receipt of payment. If you pay by credit card you can be logged into your administration area within a few minutes of payment clearing. We moderate all accounts so there may be a small delay. Other payment methods are activated immediately after payment has cleared.

What payment methods do you accept? You can pay by any major credit or debit card, cheque, standing order or bank transfer. If you pay with credit card you have the option of annual or quarterly payment periods. Cheque payments and bank transfers are accepted for annual payment only. Standing orders can be set up for monthly payment.

How much disk space am I allowed? Each plan has a very generous disk space allowance, which should be well in excess of your requirement. Extra disk space is available on request.

How do you provide support to me? We provide support to you by means of email via our support ticket system.

Where is your data centre located? Our servers are located in a data centre in Hampshire UK. We chose to re-locate away from central London data centres due to the risks involved and pointless premiums. Our office is situated in Exeter.

Is your data centre a secure environment? Yes. Full key-guard access, explosion proof glass, guarded entrance, intelligent rotating access point, 24 hour surveillance and monitoring all ensure the security of our network.

Will I get bad neighbours? We reserve the right not to host a website if we feel the subject matter of the site is disagreeable to ourselves and our clients. We do not host sites of an overtly sexual nature, gambling, warez, illegal MP3 Sites, IRC Bots or other sites considered to be offensive. We moderate all accounts during signup, hence the short delay sometimes