How do I FTP?

There are a few pieces of information your will need to connect any FTP agent (client software) to the remote web folder (your web site)

1. Hostname
2. Directory
3. User name
4. Password

How do you get this information from your control panel so you can connect with any FTP agent? We will explain how to get each piece of information from your control panel.  You may have already received most of this information in your welcome e-mail when you signed up. 

Where can you find the HOSTNAME? 

The HOSTNAME is located under the FTP account settings in the control panel. Select the FTP Manager option (image view from Xpressia interface)

Once selected, you will see a screen with this type of information. Your HOSTNAME is listed here. you would enter this into your FTP agent/software exactly as seen here.

Once your name server information propagates through the Internet you will also be able to use: as hostname.

 What is the directory and where do I enter this information?

The directory connected to your web folder is considered your "ROOT" directory.  This is normally indicated by using the "/" (forward slash symbol).  Our servers know by your user name which directory you can have access to.

One thing our system does is offer you the ability to host multiple domain names under your single login account.  When connecting to your account, you can select the root of the accounts (as shown above) and you will see all of your domains in separate folders in the remote view.

To connect to a single domain within your directory (if you have multiples):

To connect to one of your domains only, using the FTP agent, you would simply follow the forward slash with your domain name (as the system default sets up the folder i.e." /" is what you would type into the text box for your directory path of the FTP agent software.)

Where do I get the USERNAME and PASSWORD?

The same screen from the login listed in STEP 1, will get you your username and password information.  You can also setup new ftp users in this area, provided your plan has the option.

When you first setup or buy your domain name it gets assigned to our name servers and the main WHOIS database gets the notification to get updated with this information  Once the records (DNS) are updated in the database, name servers and caching engines around the world will be able to find out the name servers your domain name points to. That name server would normally be ours, and we direct these requests from the computers on the Internet to the proper web folder we have setup for you on our servers.