How to install SSL

We are aware that some clients want to install SSL certificates from other providers (Thwate, Geotrust). If you do not want the self install route we can provide and install SSL certs on your behalf please see for more info.

To self install. (These instructions were written with a Geotrust cert)

Go to CP (control panel) assign a dedicated IP (if control panel won't let you do this, please ask us to assign via support desk, please note your site will go down for a short while whilst site propagates to new IP)

Web Options, SSL Support, Generate self signed SSL certificate. Make sure on "SSL Certificate Signing Request Parameters" to use dropdown to locate www.domain (you must assign SSL cert ot the and not the non www), After CP has generated the keys copy/Paste 3 keys into notepad and keep somewhere safe..

Go to Geotrust and paste key (SSL Certificate Signing Request) to request they generate key.
Follow Geotrust instructions

Receive Your SSL Server Certificate (public key) from Geotrust by email

Go back to CP

Web Options > SSL Support > click on the Edit Icon.
In the text box next to:

"Install Certificate based on previously generated Certificate request" (Under Certificate File:)

Copy and past the content of your certificate (into Notepad first, then from Notepad to the CP) include the headers and click the upload.