Point A/MX

Whilst we always recommend you transfer the registration of your domain to us as part of the hosting service we offer, we know there are times when it is more convenient simply to point A records (or MX records) to us.

You may choose to point only a A record, if you want us to host your website but not provide any email service.

To do this you need to log in to your control panel with us to note the IP address of both the A and MX records, then return to your domain registrar to point the records at our IPs.

Thus to point A Records, go to your control panel, locate the DNS configuration icon (Domains Icon). Note the IP address against the current A Records.

Note the mail server name under MX records.

On the Domains Icon, turn Mail ON (On is the default)

Now go back to your Domain Registrar, point the A record at the IP address, point the MX record at the IP for the mailserver.


If the control panel gives you 2 mailservers, choose the one with the highest priority ie the lowest number.